Being your own IT Support staff means being willing to solve your own problems AND knowing where to look.


1. First of all, when in doubt, Google it!

Teach yourself and your students how to use Google better using Google for Educators.


One of the more helpful things you might find on the Google site is this little slideshow…



Don’t forget to Ask the Google questions. For instance, How do I convert a Word doc to a PDF? or How do I update Firefox?


2. If Google fails, YouTube it.


Did you know that you can find instructions on how to plunge a toilet on YouTube? If you can find out how to do that on YouTube then you can certainly find out how to use Google Docs or a WordPress tutorial for creating menus.


Try using the search term “how to” in YouTube to see just how much you can learn there.



3. Good Web Services Provide Good Instructions.

Good companies that produce good products or services will inevitably provide good instructions for using their products. As a matter of fact, a company’s ability to provide good instructions is what makes them “Good” in the first place. If you can’t teach customers to use your product, they’ll never master it.




Try Adobe TV to learn how to use things like Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat. Did you know that Adobe has an Education Exchange where educators are sharing lessons plans and ideas about how to use things like Acrobat in your classroom?


Watch this half hour video on your lunch break:




Other places that will teach you how to be a Web Jedi:

WordPress TV: WordPress is super functional, but it has a steep learning curve. But you’re not afraid of learning, are you?

Google Learning Center: this is where you can learn to use Google Calendar, Google Sites, and other Google Apps that are available to you.

Lynda: Lynda will teach you just about anything. Use the search box to find what you’re looking for.

iTunesU: Another source for good information. Use the search box!